Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Eating. So what's new already?

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A crocodile line of schoolchildren climbs down to the Seine.
Grandparents with the best-dressed grandchildren in the world. These are boys!
I went to see an exhibit by Martin Parr, a wonderful British photographer - his take on Paris, mostly on tourists - here, up on the towers of Notre Dame ...
… and here in the rain in front of the cathedral itself.
Then I ate my usual ham sandwich in this park - that's the Tour St. Jacques, the remains of a 16th century church destroyed during the revolution. Nice place for a picnic. Midtown, as they say in NYC.
Along the Seine - the Mona Lisa and tourists.
Tonight - meeting friends at the Bistrot Paul Bert, one of the best bistros in Paris, apparently.  No one there, in this unpretentious warm place, at 7.45 p.m.
 Les asperges blanches - white asparagus, in season in spring and sublime.
Beef cheeks.
For dessert, my friends had creme caramel and Grand Marnier soufflé -
I had the raw milk cheese.
 Our interesting neighbours - a couple from New Orleans, a musician and the daughter of a well-known restauranteur, and another couple, he from Bermuda and she from Brooklyn, all discovering the joys of dining and living in Paris. 
The interior of the bistro.


  1. Gee, Beth…apparently your “neighbours” (complete strangers) were infinitely more interesting than the two women who had invited you to the bistro!

    Rosemary and I had a good chuckle. Great photo of Rosemary’s elbow, by the way. Ha! Ha!

    Enjoy the rest of your stay in Paris.


  2. Yes, somehow I didn't get any photos of you two. Sorry about that. It was a wonderful evening - I'm suffering today.