Monday, April 28, 2014

In case you haven't heard ...

Here's the back cover copy

A memoir of the vibrant mid-Sixties that illuminates both the real life and powerful imagination of an articulate Beatlemaniac spending a lonely year in Paris. In a series of poignant and humorous fantasies about her romance with Paul McCartney, a young Beth Kaplan writes her way into adolescence, the dawning of sexual awareness and the world of real boys.

 "The child with the Beatles fixation finds her way deep into the reader’s heart.”
–WAYSON CHOY, author of The Jade Peony and other books
“Lovely writing – very revealing and very moving.” –SUZETTE COUTURE, award-winning screenwriter/producer
“All My Loving is honest, evocative, beautifully written and very funny.”
–ROSEMARY SHIPTON, co-founder of Ryerson University’s Publishing Program
“The gorgeous, heartfelt memoir of a lonely, imaginative girl growing up in 1964 with the Beatles as the soundtrack of her life.”
–LAUREL CROZA, award-winning writer
“Kaplan’s very rich portrait of a family and a time draws us inside her years as a misunderstood outsider.”
–JIM PURDY, screenwriter/director/producer  page1image1456

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