Saturday, April 5, 2014

samedi après-midi

There was only one place to go this afternoon - the Jardin du Luxembourg, with le tout Paris.
A concert in the bandshell - a British private school. And very good they were too.
Du monde, as they say. Lots of folk.
What are those people in full-body white protective gear - is there a nuclear facility in the Jardin?
The beekeepers of the Jardin du Luxembourg.

And then I walked some more, was going to find the nearby Montparnasse Cemetery where many greats are buried including Samuel Beckett. (Which reminds me - I wonder where Mavis Gallant is going to end up?) But I had walked all day and turned toward home - next time. I passed an Agnes B. store - the most beautiful stuff. In fact, everywhere, on every street in Paris is the most beautiful stuff. Wonderful just to look and dream and touch. And move on.

It is the most perfect day, and I am very sad to be leaving this city I love with all my heart. But Rome will be wonderful to share with my dear friend Bruce. The next phase of my journey begins. I've worked here - finished a draft of the writing book and started something new last night, will continue tonight. Now - finishing up the leftovers in the fridge, doing a final hand wash, packing. Oh I love this place. I'll be back soon, it's a promise.

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