Thursday, April 17, 2014

Naples pix 2.

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A simple little church floor. Inlaid marble.
A simple little gold altar.
My friend imagines himself riding in that splendid carriage …
 The streetscape from the last post, in its entirely
One of the famous creche scenes they specialize in here - incredibly elaborate
Skulls as fenceposts
 Just … beautiful
Him too.
So many different kinds of fish, live winkles and lobsters, everything
The dried tomato and chilies store
The lemon store
Bruce's seafood risotto
My seafood pasta. Mmmmm.


  1. That food all looks amazing. Think I will have to try an eggplant dish. Yum. This afternoon
    I enjoyed cake and wine with a friend. Can't remember the last time I had cake. Stan threatened to say "cake or die" ( from Monty Python) to the cake sales lady but I managed to dissuade him.

  2. Carolyn, eggplant is one of my favourite foods, and this was caramelized … wonderfully good. We had some memorable meals and none expensive. I'm glad you're eating cake. Marie Antoinette would approve.