Thursday, April 10, 2014

the book is out!

Great excitement here in downtown Sorrento - thanks to friend and tenant Carol, in Toronto, who has just written to say that nine boxes of books have arrived at the house. That's nine boxes of MY BOOKS. It's ready much sooner than I'd imagined, just sitting there at the house, all alone, waiting to be read. I'm coming home soon, offspring of mine.

Ten more days until I get to hold my book. I'll just have to suffer through a week of Italy and 3 days of London. Somehow. Tomorrow, Bruce and I are getting a bus along the spectacular Amalfi coast to the town of Amalfi and beyond. The day after, the boat to Capri and the Blue Grotto. (I joked to Bruce, a few minutes ago, "Let's go to Capri Saturday, Bruce, we've got nothing better to do." It's like a dream.)

And on Sunday, a visit with our friend Richard Fowler in Positano, a former theatre friend neither of us has seen in decades. I know, it's gruelling, especially when I could be sitting at home kvelling about my book. That will just have to wait.

But if any of you are desperate and happen to be passing my house in Cabbagetown, knock on the door and if Carol is there, she can give you a book. Otherwise, put your orders in now. I'll mail them off as soon as I get back. YAY!

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