Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Wallace Collection

Last morning in London - and what a perfect day to leave, it's grey and pouring with rain - of course. Went for one last gallery hop to the Wallace Collection, a beyond fabulous mansion packed with  treasure - masterpiece paintings from the Middle Ages on, furniture, illustrated manuscripts, snuff boxes, armour, on and on. And on. Let me say one last time - overwhelming. But beautiful, and like all museums in this wonderful city, completely free. And on the morning of Easter Sunday, almost empty.
This is called a clock.
 This is called a filing cabinet.
 A Sevres box.
Rembrandt's tender portrait of his son Titus.
Amazing to see works I've known all my life hanging there on the wall - the Laughing Cavalier by Frans Hals
and the winsome Miss Bowles by Sir Joshua Reynolds, among others.
A poster announcing the sale of the contents of the Petit Trianon palace after the Revolution
Marie-Antoinette's writing desk. A lot like mine, really. Mine has more paper on it.

I will never look at another painting or beautiful thing in my life. I'm full now. Thank you, Europe.

And now to pack and get to Heathrow in the rain, for a flight that leaves at 6.00 pm and so lands at 3 in the morning my time. Fun!

Only joking about beautiful things, of course. But not for some time, I need to cleanse my palate. Speaking of beautiful things, however, it's time to turn my attention to … my garden.

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