Saturday, April 5, 2014

samedi matin

My morning walk. My last day in Paris, and it's divine - warm and sunny with a breeze. Everyone on the planet is strolling around Paris today. 
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Rue Mouffetard, Saturday morning - lining up for chocolate and ice cream ...
…and bread.
Also for these.
And this.
La Bastille - symbol of French liberty. Vive la revolution.
I realized I was wandering on the street where this shop is located, so I went to find it. Very trendy, and part of the proceeds of the sales goes to charity. The whole entrance today was about gardening, with tools and flowering trees for sale - and a petting zoo for kids, with baby goats. Inside, everything extremely chic and expensive.
 A little library-café inside, with books you can take down to read.
The little turquoise bowl was marked "vintage Pyrex - 49 euros" and the big yellow bowl 79 euros. I'm rich! I have tons of that stuff. Had reluctantly to leave without buying any vintage Pyrex.
Walked back to the Jewish district and saw this sign: From 1942 to 1944, more than 11,000 children were deported from France by the Nazis with the active participation of the French government of Vichy, and assassinated in the death camps because they were born Jewish. More than 500 of these children lived in the 3rd (arrondissement)... Let us never forget them.
 Schwartz's Delicatessen!
Lots of homeless people in Paris.
A vista. That's the great lady behind the buildings.
A little bit of wisteria.
Yes, she made me cry. One of the most beautiful buildings in the world. She and the Taj Mahal.