Thursday, April 17, 2014

pictures from Napoli 1

For some reason, Blogger has decided to show only a small segment of a picture I took of a Naples street and blow it up to a huge size, above. No idea why.

I'm in London, staying with friends Christopher and Cristina and their gorgeous little girl Marina, who's 11 months old. More about London anon. But they have wifi and it works! So I'll start uploading shots from the last few days, before I get too far behind. Click to enlarge.
Neapolitans love miniatures. These are tiny pizza makers that move.
The majolica pillars in a cloister
Riot police waiting for a very small demonstration that veered off in another direction
A simple little shopping plaza
A simple little castle, right in the middle of the city
My friend doing what he does best - trying to find where the @#$# we are with his iPhone
An unusually crabby Virgin
The Farnese palace and art gallery
When we took the funicular up, we had a view of all Naples
A simple little church ceiling

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