Wednesday, April 30, 2014

the end of Ford WOO HOO!

OMIGOD he has finally gone! Oh hooray hooray hooray. Can it be true, at last? I was just going to turn off the computer after a long day slaving over a hot screen when I decided to check Facebook. And there it is, at 10.40 p.m. Wednesday evening: "Rob Ford takes leave as new drug tape emerges."

He smoked crack with his slimy drug dealer and someone filmed it and is now selling the tape. IT GOT RID OF HIM, the foul-mouthed cotton-brained loathsome lying sonofabitch automatically always on the wrong side of everything. Thank you, God.

I am a nice person, really I am. I'm not vindictive or nasty. But this man and Stephen Harper - and George Bush and the horrible Mike Harris once upon a time - drive me to say things that are foreign to my sweet nature. And yet there they are.

He's gone. I can't go to bed yet, I have to check Twitter. People will be going nuts.

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