Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sorrento lemons

On our way to the train station this morning, we detoured so I could see Santa Maria Maggiore, another of the humble, simple little churches of Rome - this one with a giant Bernini against one wall and the smell of Brasso as people laboured to clean some ornate something or other.

And now for something completely different - after a comfortable ride to Naples, and then a crazy, fun ride from Naples to Sorrento in a suburban train full of the noisiest people in the world - the Italians - with a quick view of Vesuvius looking benign, Bruce and I have arrived at this pleasant seaside tourist town. The air is fresh and sweet, and the sun is shining. We are in a hotel here rather than an Airbnb apartment, which is wonderful as we have space and privacy. We walked, had lunch, will make a plan. A bit battered, I think, after such an intense time in Rome. At least I am - Bruce is an old hand at the intensity of Italy. 
Sorrento harbour, where we'll get the ferry to Capri. I can hardly believe it, but it's in the cards.
The famous Sorrento lemons, Caroline!
Now that's a lemon!


  1. Now those are lemons!
    What a gorgeous town by the sea.
    A bus along the Amalfi coast how wonderful is that?

  2. Now I see I've been misspelling your name all this time, Carolyn. Sorry about that. Yes, in just over an hour, your brother-in-law and I will be on that bus. Sunny today and tomorrow, some rain possible on Sunday but I'm guessing not. We are very very lucky human beings.